TIME: 11am-12.30pm


CONTRIBUTION: Rs. 500/- (For Sidhshakti Dhamm)

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SIDHSHAKTI ACUPRESSURE & PRANAYAM is a unique course for public empowerment, which brings deep healing. SRI MAA  imparts knowledge of Acupressure and Pranayam coming straight from the Divine Universal source. Hence it is accurate for individuals and brings astounding results for the people who practice it regularly. During this course- Sri Maa combines and guides us through ancient sciences & modern science to help us prevent and heal our problems naturally.

Through this course- people have already resolved:

Incurable Knee Pains

Problems in eyes

Join paints

Stress, Tension, Depression, Stomach Problems,

Incurable pains in heels and ankles


Tennis Elbow Pains and much more…

It is an UN- COMPARABLE, easy to learn, very useful course and can be practiced by anyone of all ages 8+

VIDEO EXPERIENCE: Saved from blindness and cured ‘Macular Degeneration’ with Sidhshakti Healing, Acupressure, Seed Therapy and Articles.



I had developed severe pain in my knees in my early 30’s ( A problem which generally comes after 60’s) It was becoming difficult day by day to do daily tasks, looking after my child, coming up and down the stairs, sitting on the floor, carrying heavy things and almost all work.

Since teenage I also had pain in my ankles and below both my feet. (Another incurable problem faced by many women) Due to this it was painful to walk. Also I could never wear heals at all and had to wear very specially chosen footwear which was rare to find.

When I started attending Sidhshakti Acupressure at IOSS and also attended Sidhshakti Yoga & pranayam during Sidhshakti Retreats, both my years old, incurable problems went away in few days each. Now I regularly do the short methods which I have been guided to do, by Sri Maa.

I can wear any footwear now. I can walk and travel as much as I want. I can climb stairs up and down as many times as required everyday. And I can also sit on the floor for hours. I can run, jump, play easily…

Would you like to call this a miracle. I would I to call it Grace of Sri Maa that She finds time for us to scientifically teach us the right combination of natural healing methods for us, out of Her ocean of wisdom.

Sri Maa’s teachings are so simple, yet they truly have Supreme Power in them. We as a family thank Sri Maa from all our heart and soul for making our life a heaven, by giving us such simple solutions for day to day life’s incurable problems. Even after spending any amount of money or time I couldn’t have overcome these problems, which I overcame so easily with Sri Maa’s blessings. Thank you Maa.

Anjali, New Delhi, 38 years, July 2017



I was having recurrent, severe cough and cold. I did not used to like it. Also I had to take many holidays from school. Medicines also did not help me much. I would get lots and lots of cough and cold again and again.

When I started doing regularly, the special Acupressure that Sri Maa taught me, then I didn’t get cough and cold at all. My immunity went very high. I also do Sidhshakti Healing regularly now. If  I eat something and I feel that cough/cold is coming, then I quickly do Sidhshakti Healing and Acupressure- and it goes away in less than half an hour.

I want to tell about this to other children and their parents also. Thankyou Maa.

Manikya, 9 years, 2018


For best results practice with Sidhshakti Healing or seek further guidance from Sri Maa while attending this course.

Disclaimer: Any Sidhshakti Meditation, Program, Course, Articles, etc. is not a substitute for medical advise or treatment, whether directly or indirectly. You must consult your doctor and continue treatment as advised.