DATE: Sunday,  15 MARCH

TIME: 2pm-3 pm (Healing Level 3- New + Repeat participants)



For New: Rs. 11,250-

Contribution for repeat: INR 100-

TO JOIN WHATSAPP/CALL TO +91 9310301300 /400

** Higher level can be learned by those who have learned the previous level.


What is Sidhshakti Healing?

SIDHSHAKTI HEALING ‘INNER SCIENCE’ is based on the whole healing power of the Universe (which exists within you) and is hence very fast, completely safe & accurate. It is so easy that all can perform this anywhere, anytime and receive benefits.
Unlike any other kind of energy healing- it can be done anytime, anywhere & does not require focus, concentration or being thoughtless. ALL CAN ATTEND & LEARN



ABOUT 5 LEVELS OF SIDHSHAKTI HEALING: There are five levels of Sri Sidhshakti Healing Meditation: As you keep practicing this process and keep receiving energies of higher levels, you will get-

More powerful energies.
More advanced methods.
Your healing becomes fast and more effective.
You will be able to visualize, see, know and reach to the root cause of the disease.
You will also start feeling, sensing & visualizing the extent to which an organ has been damaged by the particular disease in the patient’s body.
You will start gaining in-depth knowledge of major and minor points (charkas) in body, both physical and subtle.
You will be able to remove negativities from your chakras and aura. As your blockages get removed from your subtle body, the Awakening of Kundalini also becomes easy and faster.

The benefits of level 2 which people have experienced are given in detail below…


1) Freedom from bad habits.

2) Enhance the hidden talent of self and others.

3) Improve relationships.

4) Find a lost thing with Aura Rod.

5) Bring Harmony and understanding power within the family.

6) Protection from accident.

7) Balancing of diet.

8) Healing in case of a burn.

9) Improving taste of burnt food.

10) Enhance your skills and virtues. Excel in them greatly.

11) Learn the art of living.

12) Come to know and understand about the diseases of self and others.

13) Starting a vehicle in emergency.

14) Start electronic items, laptop in emergency.

15) Convert your bad habits into good habits; vices into virtues. Make your virtues your strength.

16) Overcoming phobia and fear.

17) Gain love from family.

18) Develop a sweet and melodious voice.

19) Make your future bright.

20) Psychic Surgery (Spiritual Surgery).


~Unlike any other meditation, you can receive all the benefits without focus, concentration, being thoughtless or sitting in a particular posture.
~No need to leave or change anything in your lifestyle. No restrictions.
~Can be done anytime, anywhere.
~Very Short & easy.
~Heal yourself & others within 15-30 minutes.
~Based on Universal Energies residing within you.
~Completely safe & no side effects.
~Beneficial for people of all ages, caste, creed, gender.



5 years old shoulder pain healed within 5 days

I had pain in my shoulder since 5 years. My shoulders were completely stiff due to stress. I used to have lot of problem because of this in my stomach, and I could not sleep for more than 2-3 hours because of this pain. Just by doing the three days Sidhshakti Yog in Korea my pain and problem completely ended within those three days. This is an un-imaginable miracle. I did not have any hope of becoming well. But now I am completely fine. Maa I thank you for giving me a new life.

Kim, Seoul, Korea, 60+


A balanced, healthy, happy and intelligent baby girl born by doing Sidhshakti Healing regularly during pregnancy

I conceived my first baby last year in January’2014. We were really happy about the fact that we are entering into parenthood, but at the same time we had a concern regarding our baby’s growth and development not only physically, but even mental and emotional development when the baby is growing inside my womb.

We had a vision of giving a balanced, healthy, happy and intelligent baby to the society, looking at the current corrupt and aggressive society we are living in.

We took guidance from Sri Maa Sidh SidhShakti Ji and Maa advised us to do baby’s healing daily and to pray as mentioned below:-

“My baby is growing physically, mentally and emotionally in a healthy, strong, normal and balanced way. He has a bright and healthy life and will grow in a balanced way in both spiritual and mortal life. Has got only good karmas from all his past lives with himself. He will be always close to his parents and will always listen and understand what they say or decide for him. He is mature, has control on his emotions and is a happy child.”

I did healing of my baby for 9 months completely. We were blessed with a baby girl on 17thOct’2014.

Today I can see positive reflections of healing in our baby at every growing step.

Since birth she is healthy, she had a healthy weight at birth, she was not affected by jaundice, by which infants are normally affected in first 24 hours of their birth.

She never had any gastric problem and slept through night always. When she turned 6 month old I started feeding her with all sort of food, she accepted all of them very easily.

She is a happy child and adjusts with everyone even though we live in a nuclear family.

She has completed 9 months on 17th July’15. We thank Sri Maa wholeheartedly for all her blessings and guidance. Due to her easy nature, our life has become more beautiful and complete.

As we have always heard our elders saying that while a baby is in the womb, mother should always be happy and should read or listen to holy books; mantras etc. which means that there is no doubt that spiritual things always have a positive effect on every baby growth and development.

What if the Sidh universal energies bless the baby themselves in the mother’s womb, which happens in healing. Anybody can imagine the great difference, because as a human being we are always at an edge of making some mistake, our minds may wander, thus the positive effects might diminish but as healing is done by Sidh universal energies only, there is no chance of any mistake.

I can imagine a world full of love, peace and harmony if every mother will start doing the healing of their babies.

Thank you Sri Maa for blessing us with such beautiful way to connect with the Sidh universal energies.

Mala Sharma,

Dwarka, Delhi.

Healed a friend easily within 20 minutes, who was suffering from fever, cold and body-ache since last 3 days

Friend of mine had been suffering from fever, cold, body-ache for last three days. We sat in Sidhshakti Healing session. I have received blessings from Sri Maa to heal others. Along with the meditation, I also healed him through energies blessed by Sri Maa.
After the session of almost 20 minutes he was completely free from his ailments. I furthermore got the intuition that he lacks pranic energy (lie-force energy) so we sat in Pran Shakti Meditation (Life-force Enhancement Meditation) by Sri Maa.
Now he is absolutely fine and energetic. Thank you Sri Maa for your blessings.
Sushil Soni, Engineer, Gurgaon