DATE: Sunday, 10 May

TIME:  11am – 12.30pm (Will be conducted in continuation with Deep inner purification Meditation)

AGE: 8+



Contribution INCLUDES DEEP INNER PURIFICATION. Don’t Miss This Divine Opportunity to Attend this Combined Program!

IMPORTANT: Meditation will start on time at 11am. Please contribute much before that and ask about how to join much before 11am. Late joining will not be possible.

TO KNOW MORE WHATSAPP TO +91 9310301300 

For all new meditators and old disciples.

Program schedule includes Registration, Gyanupdesh, Meditation, Sharing of Experiences with meaning and guidance.


This is not Religious. This means that it is not connected to any particular religion. Shakti (Supreme Power) is never related to any religion.
Kundalini is that great supreme power within which all the powers of the Universe reside. It is only spiritual in nature. The Kundalini power specifically performs the task of removing imbalances (low or high) and thus balances the energy within the body, life, work, heart, feelings, mind etc. of the person/ living creature. Thus the Kundalini power also removes the diseases and problems of the respective areas and fulfills them with great power. Today’s human beings are living in an illusion considering religion and spirituality to be one, where as in truth these two have no relation with each other. Spirituality is an ancient science. It is the most ancient science of Rishi‘s and Muni‘s (Great wise Saints and Sages).

Whatever the modern day science is explaining, it has already been told by the most ancient spiritual science. Modern science is also accepting all of it now by conducting experiments and research.

Let us take for an example, if a wire of a bulb or a fan; or the bulb or fan themselves are not working- then you will not be able to repair it yourself. You will need to call an experienced electrician, only then would your problems get solved. In the same way if a problem or a disease has come up in your body, heart, mind or life, then you would need a ‘Sadguru’ (Spiritual Teacher) to remove them or in other words to repair the connection. During the Kundalini awakening meditation a great power is born- which removes all weaknesses and imbalances within our ‘Internal Power’, and thus the person becomes free of his/her physical diseases; emotional, mental and social problems.

The meaning of Shakti is that ‘Great Light’ which is present in every living being. Everybody requires it. Without it the creature becomes life-less. That’s why it is rightly said- when the Shakti leaves the living being, it dies. Non-living things are thus categorized accordingly. The Shakti does not differentiate on the basis of religion, caste or the type of living creature. This means that it is equally present in human beings, mammals – birds, animals, insects and microbes. Due to this Shakti they live and die. If you wish to balance your internal, external energy present all around you then you should definitely perform Sidhshakti Kundalini Awakening and make your life completely free of disease, stress, fears and problems. Thus you would achieve great peace and also excel spiritually.


This is message from the book by SRI MAA on: ‘KUNDALINI AWAKENING- what, why, who, where, benefits, precautions…’ This book is a blessing to the world. Since adults and children all can easily do Sidhshakti Kundalini Awakening Meditation- they can first gain knowledge about Great Kundalini Power through this truly enlightening book.


Some of the benefits experienced by disciples:

  • Greater Peace.
  • Spiritual Fulfillment.
  • Spiritual Awareness.
  • Invite the Divine to enter within you.
  • Master your own destiny.
  • Fulfill your deepest aspirations.
  • Make a deep impactful change in your life.
  • Transfer your life and consciousness.
  • Give a real meaning to your life.
  • Contribute towards society.
  • Learn –Who am I? What is my purpose of life?
  • Know the mission, vision & purpose of this lifetime.
  • Be in touch with yourself.
  • Know your bad habits.
  • Trust and respect yourself.
  • Love and accept yourself for who you are.
  • Self – awareness.
  • Self – realization.
  • Know & see past, present & future of yourself and your family members.
  • Remove buried feeling which troubles you all the time.
  • Get success in every field.
  • Resolve your own issues.
  • Take right decisions always.
  • Quiet your head, open your heart and listen to your inner voice and soul.
  • Inner peace.
  • Greater sense of clarity.
  • Learn the use of right words.
  • Harmonize all your actions, thoughts and words.
  • Harmonize your mind, body & soul.
  • Become generous.
  • Know the mystery of universe.
  • Get the knowledge of everything in this universe.
  • Know the science and secrets of human evolution.


I am performing Kundalini awareness meditation since 3-4 months. Since some days, there were many Kriyas which have happened. I also got the opportunity to see the divine powers.  I was having severe pain in my knee which is now almost fine now. Millions of thanks to Sri Maa!



Jai Maa Sidh SidhShakti Namah:

During the Kundalini Awakening Meditation, when I tried to focus on the Mooladhar Chakra, my concentration was going on the Agya Chakra and the Sahasrar Chakra again and again. I felt something in my head, then there was a vibration and my body moved into a zero state, but I could not balance myself. In this stage of Meditation, I felt strong heat inside my body and then I felt coldness. I do not know why, but I got answers to many questions. Many many thanks to Sri Maa Sidh SidhShakti Ji.

KIRAN, New Delhi


After today’s meditation, I felt vibrations throughout my body. It started from the spinal cord and ended in the lower part of the head. Sometime I felt as if it was rotating in a circular motion and sometime in was moving downward. I also saw two eyes.

Maa, you told me, that my Kundalini is awakening. I felt really happy that time. I thank you very very much for your supreme grace.

Jai Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Namah.



What is Kundalini? A very basic and logical question for a new bee. Even I had this question when I heard this word for the first time. But before anyone would explain it word by word I had the opportunity to experience the whole process of Kundalini Awakening during a group meditation session. Believe me I had no idea what can happen during this special super power cosmic process. All I knew I have to do it so I went and sat down with the others and closed my eyes and the meditation started. This meditation was by non other than Sri Maa, the founder of IOSS, Institute of Spiritual Sciences, New Delhi, India, and creator of innumerable spiritual science meditations, healings and articles.

So as the meditation started my hands started clapping softly and I started moving very gently, then a little more and a little more and this continued till the end. This is what I came to know are called the kriyas or outer movements and can be seen by anyone. But the story does not end here, in fact it is just the beginning. It is also not just about the physical activity of the being because what is happening outside is directly related to what one is experiencing inside. These internal experience can’t be seen by any other person apart from the person himself/herself. In fact both the internal and external experiences are some of the most unique and hardly seen or felt before in any other meditation.

Interesting, right? And you want to know more about WHAT IS happening inside? Why would someone start moving? These questions are obvious because generally during a meditation people feel relaxed or sleepy or actually dose off. But in my case by the time the meditation finished I was moving consistently, without a full stop. And this happens with many other people as well. Since it was Sri Maa’s meditation, one does not need to focus or try to concentrate at one point, so I let my thoughts and emotions flow as they were coming. And this is what I mean when I said what is happening inside. So when I closed my eyes I envisioned my late mother for a few seconds and then I saw myself sitting near Sri Maa’s feet and seeking her guidance for my questions. And she is answering them one by one. I could hear very clearly. I felt as if it is happening right now and not mere thoughts. A reality like any other reality. I was so deep into it that for sometime I forgot I am in a meditation and sitting with other people or there are things happening around. There was a moment of detachment. All I knew that there is this sweet voice which is giving me answers about my innumerable queries very patiently and clearly. There was a listener and a speaker, just two, and no one else. And this experience was ultimately giving me an inner piece, something which I was looking from a long time, and my ears were overjoyed to hear. My mind felt so calm and there was a feeling of joy. When the meditation came to an end is the time when I realised I am sitting and moving and there are people around me.

But I would like to share yet another experience about the higher world or the spiritual world for which each and every world soul yearns in every birth. The next time my kriyas started own their own suddenly and were happening at a supersonic speed. Ultimately I could not take it and had to lay down. This is when my whole internal vision unfolded in all respects. It was as if I had got a wi-fi connection to the spiritual world and got a chance to see not a 2 D or 3 D movie but a 5 D reality with most gigantic, powerful, sculptured forms of various Hindu divinities with white light flashing every now and then. I felt like as if I am a mere small and weak ant who is running all around in excitement. It was a completely different world, a completely different experience, beyond imagination. There was so much force as if a strong wind is blowing and I am getting swayed with that form. I have no physical form. There are only and only super powerful energies which are sometimes appearing in the form of flash of light or gigantic supreme human forms. I could FEEL the energies. Again I felt I am asking questions and an unknown voice is answering it very patiently. The whole experience was beyond words. I felt like Alice in Wonderland, tumbling here and there in the whole journey.

This is just a glimpse of the entire experience. It is not about what my soul experienced or what other earthly souls experience because experiences and visualisations differ from person to person. What matters is that this is what every soul yearns for, to meet the universal soul and ultimately become one with it. This concept of the atma (soul) and param-atma (universal soul) in Hinduism is represented by Lord Krishna and the gopis (cow heard girls). As per ancient scriptures Lord Krishna represents the universal divine soul and all the earthy souls in the from of gopis want to become one with him. Guru Nanak, the first guru of the Sikhs in Barah Maha describes the relation between a soul and the supreme power as that of two lovers or a woman who is separated from her husband and is yearning to meet him from a long time during the different seasons of the year.

Kundalini meditation brings balance and peace from these longings of the soul on a day to day basis. Regular meditations over the period of time help to open us the chakras as well and help to bring even more stability in the person. Ultimately Kundalini mediation leads to activation of the Kundalini (which is lying in the form of a coiled snake at the base of the spinal cord) as well as those of the chakras. The amount of time which takes in this differs from person to person. Also there are should whose kundalini might we awaken at birth.

Though one is still living on this planet but one can see, listen and feel about the past, present and future. This is Kundalini. It is much beyond a 24 hour cable connection with multiple channels. So Kundalini removes the agyanta (ignorance) of a soul and slowly moves it towards gyana (wisdom). This pure gyan does not comes from pothis or books but from the Kundalini through the innumerable universal energies on its own. But the complete gyan or knowledge lies with the bramgyani, the one and only, creator of the universe. To receive this pure knowledge and start ones journey on this sacred yet profane path one needs a true master or guru with supreme knowledge and divine love whom one can trust from the core of the heart and seek guidance from time to time. I have found such universal teacher in Sri Maa Sidha Sidha Shakti Ji and feel truly blessed to understand what she teaches and work on my inner growth and wellbeing under her supreme guidance. It’s never too late to start your own journey. Explore your inner potential and find inner balance and rhythm. The outer will follow suite.

RUPINDER KAUR, 33 years, July 2016